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In this techniques a shaping is carried out by slight eroding in order let the teeth to seem regular and esthetic. As this eroding is made on the level of enamel (the last level of the tooth) and with a special bone-cutting bur, there occurs no sensitivity in the teeth. Cosmetic correction makes the oval-shaped teeth to seem straighter and the teeth with protuberances and indentions to seem more esthetic.  Esthetic shaping can be in hard and soft tissues:   

In soft tissues:
If in a smiling position the gums are seen not in a favorable state, or if teeth are not symmetric, or teeth are too small, shaping of gums can be done. After a week from a small laser intervention any esthetic operation can be applied. 

In hard tissues: 
Cosmetic shaping is an operation aiming to correct small in orders and deformations in natural teeth with a slight eroding. It can be implemented in one session without anesthetization. This method cannot be applied in children and teen-agers because of the width of dental pulp.



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