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Frequency and seriousness of mouth cancer 
Mouth cancer usually occurs after the age of 45 and men are twice as much inclined to it than women. The areas where mouth cancer often met are tongue, bottom of the mouth, soft gum tissues close to tongue root, lips and gingival. If mouth cancer is not revealed in earlier stages, it can spread and cause facial and oral deformations unrestorable by medicine and even lethal outcome. From this point of view it is useful to go attend the dentist from time to time for general examination. 

What are the reasons of mouth cancer? 
Exact reasons of the mouth cancer are unknown. But alongside with it, it has already been proved that tobacco products, alcohol and carcinogen substances in the composition of some food, as well as receiving too much sunlight increase the risk of mouth caner. Genetic factor also is among the risks.

Symptoms of mouth cancer 
White or red color sites in the mouth or around it. Sensitive, injured, swelled or thickened areas in the mouth. Repeated bleeding in the mouth or in the throat. Hoarseness in the voice or a feeling of something in the throat that can not be swallowed. Difficulty in chewing and swallowing. Difficulty in tongue and jaw motions. Lost of sensibility on tongue or in other sites of the mouth. Swellings formed in mandible or maxilla and at the result of it disorder of the prosthesis. At an early stage mouth cancer is painless. Later it spreads and damages healthy tissues of the mouth and thus causes the pain. It is difficult for a person to identify the mouth cancer in his own mouth.  From this point of view it is important to consult with the doctor.

In order to reduce the risk of mouth cancer: 
Do not use cigarette or other tobacco products. If you take alcohol drinks, you’d better to reduce their quantity. The people, who use alcohol and tobacco product, have the risk of mouth cancer 15 times more than those who do not use them. Keep diets rich in fruit and vegetables (researches show that such diets reduce the risk of mouth cancer)

Attend your dentist regularly!


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