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Smoking and use of tobacco is very harmful. These harms are the followings

  • There appears tar debris or dark brown spots on the teeth.
  • Red colored inflamed sites are formed in the gum.
  • Tendency to gingival diseases.
  • Unpleasant smell out of mouth
  • Black toned tongue
  • Deformation of tissues in mouth
  • Recession of gingiva
  • Mouth cancer   

One of the biggest harms of smoking is the mouth cancer. Generally, it is found out that 75 % of the patients with mouth cancer have the habits of smoking and alcohol drinking. The risk of mouth cancer considerable reduces if the person gives up smoking. Even 10 years later they have equal risks with non-smokers.

Detection of mouth cancer

  • Formation of painless tumors in mouth and neck
  • White and red sites inside the mouth
  • Repeated bleeding in mouth and throat
  • Difficulty in chewing and swallowing

It is very important to check teeth control from the point of view of early diagnosis. If there is an abnormal change, biopsy must be made. If there is an abnormal tissue change inside the mouth, one must immediately consult with the doctor. 

How can you detect mouth cancer?  
You are in risk group in the following cases:

  • Smoking and use  of tobacco
  • Overuse of alcohol  
  • To remain under sunlight for a long term
  • Habit of biting lips and chewing cheeks
  • Prosthesis not prepared correctly

Some early symptoms:

  • Pains in face, neck and mouth not disappearing in 2 weeks, areas which have grown dumb  
  • Swelling, tumors and blisters emerging on lips, gingiva or other oral regions
  • Emerging of white, red and dark colored sites
  • Repeated bleeding inside the mouth


  1. Look at your HEAD AND NECK in the mirror. The face must have symmetric form. Check if there is a swelling or a tumor in one side of your face.
  2. Check the SKIN of your face. Are there areas with changed color, deformation, a new mole or any other painful areas?
  3. Check sides and frontal parts of NECK with fingers. Do you feel any sensitive area?
  4. Do you notice any change in color or feel a pain when you move your lower LIP inside and outside? Touch your lower lip with finger and check one more time. Do the same for the upper lip.
  5. Are there white, red or dark colored spots inside of CHEEKS? Check that area with your forefinger and thumb to find out painful area or a tumor.
  6. Try to see your GUMS. Is there any swelling, sensitivity or a change of color?
  7. Look at your TONGUE and check its structure. Thoroughly control its right and left sides, as well as above and below it.

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