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What is tooth sensitivity
When hot, cold, sweet or sour food and drinks are taken into the mouth, there occurs an instant pain reaction in teeth. This toothache is sharp, instant and intense.

Except caused old fillings, sensitivity mainly is caused by unveiled root surfaces resulted from gingival recession. Normally, they are surrounded with enamel (the second layer of tooth) and cement (a special layer covering root surface)

If the reason of tooth sensitivity is not known found out clearly, it is supposed that the sensitivity is transmitted to the tooth nerve via channels in micron level.


The factors that can cause tooth sensitivity: 
- hard and traumatic tooth brushing (with the lapse of time it erodes enamel and cement)  
- gingival recession 
- gingival diseases (swelled and inflamed gingiva can also lead to tooth sensitivity) 
- broken teeth  
- tooth grinning 
- dental deposit

Can anything be made against sensitivity
- Attention must be paid to oral hygiene (one should clean his teeth and mouth thoroughly) 
- a toothbrush with soft bristles will be better to use. (Thus, less harm will be done to the hard tissue of the tooth) 
- special toothpaste (in a regular use effective results can be achieved ) 
- attention must be paid to the food (often use of the food with acid content can destroy enamel layer) 
- tooth care products with fluorine must be used

What is the professional approach in this issue? 
- unveiled root surfaces are isolated 
- root surfaces can be improved with lacquers with fluorine content 
- eroded layers of the tooth can be filled with filling


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