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Cover: It is the process of diminution and covering of teeth with a huge substance loss caused by decay, break or another reason.


Bridge: It is the process of diminution of neighboring teeth and filling spaces with the help of matching special joints, during lack of one or several teeth.


When a tooth loss occurs, the neighboring teeth began to move towards this space. At the result of it, neighboring teeth have gingival problems, in addition to it, loss of bone, problem in esthetic appearance and change in masticator muscles are also observed. If this space is not filled with an implant, or a bridge, it can cause loss of neighboring teeth. 

Cover and Bridges with metal support
As an infrastructure, standard metal "quotni-co" or precious metal "quotau" can be used. Gold is one of the most expensive products related to teeth and gingiva used in dentistry. More healthy and more esthetic results are achieved.

It is prepared from intensified ceramics. Although appearance of covers can be changed by a number of things, the most important thing is its reaction to light. Natural teeth transmit the light. At the result of it, intensity and vivacity appear. As ceramic covers without metal support has the ability of transmitting light, they own more intensity and vivacity.  Thus, in this process a result similar to a natural tooth is achieved.


As full ceramic covers transmit the light, a very similar esthetic appearance to natural teeth is achieved, while even the ceramic teeth with metal support look like a bit frozen and artificial. Because of this, especially for anterior teeth ceramic teeth are chosen.

  • In some type of lights (disco, photo camera flash, etc.) ceramic covers with metal support look like as dark space in the mouth. But full ceramic covers transmit all kind of light as natural teeth.

  • Ceramic covers with metal support are adhered to the teeth mechanically. But full ceramic covers are adhered to the tooth mechanically and chemically. For this reason their resistance is much higher than those with metal support.

  • As there is no metal in infrastructure, consequently there is no dark area in gingiva line and it provides more esthetic look.

  • When there is a gingival recession, full ceramics preserve their esthetic look, whereas ceramic covers with metal supports a bad appearance is observed in the area where it joins to the tooth.

  • In full ceramic covers there is no possible allergic risk to some metals (nickel, etc) used in infrastructure.

Intensified ceramics are obtained by compression in special machine. Especially in anterior teeth they are chosen because they transmit light very well. For posterior teeth they are not suitable, because they are not resistant against masticator muscles.


In this system white zirconium is used in the infrastructure instead of metal. The main privilege of the system is its high resistance and full esthetic look at the posterior region bridges.



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