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With the lapse of time in dentistry ceramics with metal content is not used. In this modern system, possessing all the characteristics that we wish about more esthetic and healthier appearance, as an infrastructure white ingot called zirconium is used instead of metal. Zirconium is also often chosen because it is quite natural to be used for anterior teeth and quite strong to be used for posterior teeth.  This system makes the life of both doctor and patient easier.


What is zirconium?
In classic tooth restoration appliance metal infrastructure was used under the ceramic tooth to make it resistant. As the metal infrastructure seemed imperfect from point of view of esthetics and general health, alternative to meal was being searched. Successful appliance of zirconium, which was earlier successfully used in different fields of medicine, set a new beginning.

Because ceramic covers with new zirconium infrastructure is distinguished from other metals with its high mechanical resistance and biological compliance. It does not cause gingival problems and allergy. As it transmits the light, it provides with close to natural teeth esthetic appearance.

Covers and bridges prepared by putting ceramics on zirconium are shortly called Cercon, by blending the words “Ceramics” and “Zirconium”. This system possessing 900 MPa resistance and high light transmission set up a new beginning in the dentistry. Even in the latest years there exists zirconium possessing 2500 MPa resistance. They are mainly used in posterior teeth. Success of this material is proved both in medicine and industry. At the result of the researches beginning since 1998, clinical implementations began to be realized in all over the world in the beginning of 2002.

Where can it be used?

- In single tooth cover  
- In bridges prepared when posterior teeth are missing  
- Esthetic cover for implant top and bridge works

Can teeth with computer-support advanced technology be restored? 
While some technology recreates the person’s smile again, computer-supported implementations provide getting teeth and smile wished of without any mistake. CAD-CAM (computer aided design -computer aided manufacturing) means to redesign teeth with the help of computer.   The persons who are not happy with their teeth and smile can achieve the natural teeth and smile they want with the help advanced technology ceramic systems. Restoration of teeth is carried out by doctor and its technical part in computer environment and teeth are made from special blocks prepared with computer shaping technology. There is crystal or zirconium in the inner structure of the porcelain used in this system and in this way perfect quality and esthetic appearance are achieved.

Zirconium is used in different parts of body with different aims and up to this day no side effect or allergy has been found out.

Zirconium is an element resistant to high degree heat and damages. It is light and not transmits electric, whereas it transmits light. Besides it, it is a healthy material not leading to disorder of taste sensation, gingival diseases or bad breath.

At present day strong and esthetic restorations with zirconium oxide, a high-technology product, and without metal are applied successfully.

What are its privileges for a doctor and a patient?
It is applied quickly. A person can get a new smile just in one day. The esthetic quality of the tooth is very high, and its light transmission and appearance is just as a natural tooth. As used ceramic blocks are the ceramic blocks prepared earlier in the laboratory, physical characteristics of the materials are not changed, the possibility of mistake is reduced to minimum. 

Can it cause to cold and hot sensitivity
No, it cannot. Because Zirconium Oxide has a repulsing character.

Can it cause allergy
No, it cannot. Zirconium Oxide is a favorable material and it can not be the reason of allergy.

Can it cause recession? 
No, it cannot. In the result of researches it was found out that it perfectly suits the gingiva. Of course, due to growing age, it can not stop gingival recession. As the prepared covers perfectly suit the teeth and ginigva, there is no risk of gingival recession due to gingival inflammation.


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