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Patient N1: Bar and Bol systems’ implants
Before the treatment Bol system in mandible, Bar system in maxilla
4 implants of Bol system installed in mandible Bar system 4 implants installed in maxilla and Bar system joined them
Prosthesis for Bol system (Mandible) Prosthesis for Bar system (Maxilla)
After the treatment After the treatment
Patient N2: Sensitive holder prosthesis of Bar system
Before the treatment View of the prosthesis from the inner side
4 implants installed in maxilla Bar system connecting implants
As we can see on the picture the smile of the patient was restored. Problems of patient’s prosthesis are over with the help of the Bar system. Functionality and aesthetic view in the mouth was restored.
Patient N3: Zirconium implant
Before the treatment View of Zirconium implant
View of the Zircon Implant on X-ray View of the Zircon Ceramics
View of the Zircon implant in the mouth After the treatment
Patient N4: Using of implants in anterior area of mandible
Before the treatment View and aesthetic difference of the titanic abutment and zircon abutment
General view of zirconium abutment Perfect attachment of the zirconium abutment to the gum
X-ray after the treatment Aesthetic result after the treatment
Patient N5: Use of implant at the anterior teeth
View of the implant in the jaw View of the zirconium abutment
View of the zirconium tooth in the mouth X-ray after the treatment
Patient N6: Using the implant in posterior area
View of the implant in the mouth View of the Titanic abutment
Zirconium Ceramics View of the zirconium ceramics on the implant
X-ray after the treatment

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