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15/01/2012 30 % discount
dental cheking, filling of the teeth, extraction of the teet, X-ray examination services are free for the...
01/12/2011 3D Dental Volume Tomography
There is one more innovation in “Estetik Diş” Dental and Diagnosis center. For the first time in...
23/11/2011 The technical laboratory of our clinic
Laboratory which has no analogues in Azerbaijan was opened in our clinic. For the first time in Azerbaijan the...
15/11/2011 Our new VIP branch
Our clinic is developing day by day. To improve the quality of our work the new branch of our clinic...
02/11/2011 Joining to the TÜSİAB
Our clinic became the member of the International Society of the Turkish Manufacturer and Businessmen...
25/01/2010 30% discount for all services
On February 13 the concert of Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalya Podolskaya will be held with the...
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Oral cavity, teeth, jaw diseases have an important place in general health. We know that proper nutrition plays an important role in the health of teeth and oral cavity. We realize the importance of our teeth when face such problems, or when there is a risk of tooth loss.

Tooth loss in different periods of life slows down the most occurring in our body physiological functions. To large extent negatively affecting the general and mental health and spoiling aesthetic appearance, it can lead to serious problems. Dental healing in these situations can give us favorable conditions.

Our dental clinic offers you services of surgery, therapy, treatment of root canals, periodontal disease, esthetic dentistry, removable dentures and implants, as well as diagnosis and treatment of dental and oral diseases. 

Director M.Sc.Dr.Dt Xaqani Hüseynov


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