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About Us

General information

Our clinic began to operate since June, 2008 in the field of aesthetic dentistry and implantology. Guided by our criterion of "The Beauty is the basis of health" we continue to follow our high principles. Due to the fact that the main aim of our clinic is health our entire work takes place under the supervision of qualified doctors and medical staff. Hygiene and sterilization of tools is on the first place in our clinic. High attendance rate of patients till today in the clinic shows that we are on the right way.

The aim of the services provided in our clinic in the field of the aesthetic dentistry is trying to meet the needs of our patients by 100%. The quality and result of the work in our clinic is carried out in a high level, as well as our hospitable staff and its attention paid to the patient is very important. Our main principle is to satisfy our patients.

Our Clinic

Dear visitors of our clinic, you can get the service according to the European standards. If you have any dental problems you can address to us. For each patient we make individual plan of the treatment. Treatment by international quality standards leads to visible results and satisfaction of patients gives us great joy. Medical service provided by us is carried out according to the latest methods of treatment and modern equipment.


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