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The pile that your dentist calls the dental deposit is a product formed from the minerals of your saliva. Tartar is the main reason of the gingival diseases like inflammation of gingiva and periodontitis. The dental tartar causes especially a big problem, when it is formed under the gingiva. The tartar contains lime and it is hard; its cleaning is difficult. For the cleaning operation, especially for the tartar under the gingiva, the instruments called gratuar and curette are used. This operation makes to feel uncomfortable and causes bleeding of the ginigva. Another method is to use a vibration instrument which   helps to clean the tartars. This method is much comfortable.



Nowadays a number of toothpastes against tartar are advertised. It is proved that these toothpastes reduce collection of tartar on teeth, whereas they have just a little or no influence on the tartar existing under the gingiva 
Tartars can cause loss of teeth. Besides it, there are special toothpastes for smokers which are designed for cleaning the teeth from stains. We do not offer these toothpastes either. They can do harm to the persons who have gingival recession. These toothpastes also cause sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks.


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