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If you wear prosthesis, it does not mean that you must pay less attention to the oral hygiene. On the contrary, your regular visits to the dentist will prolong life of your prosthesis and protect your oral hygiene.

What is prosthesis? How it is made?
All artificial teeth placed instead of lost teeth or due to esthetic appearance to meet the esthetic and functional needs are called prosthesis. 

Generally tooth loss is caused by non-treatment of the gingival diseases. Besides it, sometimes tooth loss occurs at the result of the mechanical damages. Special prosthesis is prepared to replace these lost teeth and to carry out the esthetic and functional functions of the lost natural ones.

What is the aim of the prosthesis? 
While installing prosthesis it is aimed to give back to the patient the functions lost at the result of the tooth loss, to correct the pronunciation and make the esthetic appearance better. So in this way, psychological support is rendered to the people who are obliged to live in the society with missing teeth or with decayed teeth. Because of this, such people, who have to live with this problem, forget laughing for some time. 
Along with the functional disorders, it also reduces self-confidence. The prosthesis installed for such kind of patients aim to improve their life quality. 

The types of prosthesis  
Fixed   prosthesis
Removable prosthesis

Fixed   prosthesis
With single cover (covering one tooth) 

Bridges (covering the neighboring teeth alongside with the missing ones)

Implant based prosthesis (screws and prosthesis placed in the jaw) 
Removable prosthesis
Full prosthesis (It is applied in the edentulous mouthes. Is used in old ages)     
Partial prosthesis (It is applied in partially edentulous mouthes)         
Sensitive holding prosthesis (These are prosthesis with metal support without hooks applied in partially edentulous mouthes

Cleanness of the prosthesis
Cleaning of removable prosthesis is conducted by a number of cleaning substances. The prosthesis is cleaned by being placed in the water with special cleaning pill. If there is no cleaning substance, prosthesis can be cleaned by a tooth brush or a prosthesis brush. Besides it, removable prosthesis can be removed from the mouth and after brushing the teeth, is put into the mouth again. But in the total prosthesis it is satisfactory for the patients to rinse the mouth after removing all the teeth.

How can I keep my prosthesis clean? 
After having a meal one must wash his prosthesis cleaning it from food debris. You should also brush your prosthesis regularly before going to bed. This operation prevents formation of dental deposit and stains. One must not use eroding powder for cleaning purposes. Otherwise it can erode the prosthesis and debris can gather in these surfaces and cause coloring. For cleaning the prosthesis special prosthesis brushes or normal tooth brushes can be used.  You should pay attention to cleaning of all surfaces. You can from time to time put your prosthesis into special prosthesis liquid and leave for some time. After the operation in which your prosthesis has undergone cleaning with chemicals, you should wash it.  The deep stains and dental deposit can only be cleaned by a doctor via ultrasonic means. The best way to keep the prosthesis clean is along with daily brushing, to leave it in chemical liquid for several times in a week. 


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