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Gülüş Tasarımı

In a modern society people pay a great attention to the appearance of their teeth; any change in their color and form can lead personal psychological problem. With the development of esthetic and restorative substances, the form and color changes can easily be analyzed. Smile Design takes this important function on its responsibility 

What is Smile Design?
Smile Design aims to give you an ideal smile applying medicine and art. It plans a healthy smile blending health and naturalness and your personal wishes.

Where does the smile begin?
The other factors determining esthetic smile design:
·    Facial lines 
·    Gender 
·    Age 
·    Smile symmetry 
·    Order and color of teeth 
·    Lips 
·    Gingivas
Smile design is started with determining the geometrical form of your facial line. Below the pictures of some face forms and the teeth forms suiting them are shown:


Man and woman anatomy differ from each other. Men facial lines are sharper and noticeable. Forehead, nose and chin edge shows difference. Passages in women face are softer, nose and eyebrows are sharper. Teeth have the same parallelism. 

·    The edge of teeth has soft turns, 
·    Smile line curves upwards, 
·    The two teeth in the middle is longer than their neighbours, 
·    There are little spaces between the neighboring teeth. 

Men : 
·    Neighboring teeth unite in one linear line, 
·    The lines of the teeth are more noticeable, 
·    Smile line is longer.  

How many smile expressions are there?
Generally the smile expressions are of 3 forms. These basic categories also have varieties within them.

1-Sexy Smile
In this category anterior teeth are considerably long. Actually, young people generally have their frontal incisors longer, but gradually, as the age grows these teeth get older and become shorter. And it gives an expression of an aged person. In order to get a have a sexy smile, frontal teeth must be longer than the others. Such kind of design will give you a young, dynamic and attractive smile. This category is suitable for young persons. 

2-Sophisticated Smile
Teeth are ordered in a linear line. Sophisticated Smile gives a mature and knowledgeable expression to the face. This type of smile stresses out lower part of the face. In young ages, as the teeth rub against each other, their length becomes different. In middle ages the teeth become equal. Esthetic dentistry can make this disadvantageous state privileged and can give you a mature, knowledgeable and sophisticated smile design.

3-Sporty Smile
It is between the Sexy and Sophisticated smile. The middle incisors are just a bit longer than the lateral incisors. Sporty smile gives to your face an extraordinary, warm and sincere expression. This smile is not so serious as sophisticated smile and not so childish as Sexy smile.

Smile Design Сriteria 
These criteria can be differentiated under the following titles:

Horizontal Lining 
In an ideal smile the line between the eyes is equal to the line crossing from the middle of the teeth.



As inconformity in the shape and size of the anterior incisors, symmetry is very important here. From this point of view, providing symmetry of facial lines contributes a charming expression to the smile



Smile Line 
The curve of the lower lip must be equal to the curve joining the edges of the anterior incisors. As much the conformity in these curves is provided as much the person will have a younger and more attractive smile.



Gingival line 
Gingival line, seen during smile, must be parallel to the line of the upper lip. Gingival line is like a frame circling a beautiful table. It adds meaningfulness to the smile.



Width of Smile 
For an esthetic smile the posterior teeth also must be seen in some level within the smile line. If it is not provided, dark spaces in the mouth will not be seen favorably.



The areas, called embrasures, are natural spaces between the edges of the teeth. For an esthetic and ideal smile, the sizes of embrasures must increase from anterior towards posterior teeth.



Golden Ratio 
The width and height of the upper incisors in the visible area must be 1/16 of the width and length of the face. Besides it, there is a phi (φ=1.618...) ratio between geometrical shapes of the nature. For an esthetic smile the teeth must suit this rule. For example, ratio between the width of anterior incisors and lateral incisors (1.618/1=1.618.. =phi quantity), the ration between the incisors and the lateral incisors (0.618/1 = 0.618, it is equal to the result achieved from the quantity of phi or quantity of phi figure after subtraction of 1 from it 1/phi = phi-1)


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