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Toothache is caused by tooth decays, erosion of the tooth enamel, inflammation of gingival and other such kind of reasons.

Everybody in his life faces toothache once or more time. Usually toothache is not accepted seriously and visit to the doctor is delayed until it becomes unbearable. It has become a usual case to accept pain-killers without thinking just to soothe the pain.

The reasons of the toothache

The reasons of the toothache can be erosion of the tooth enamel, gingival diseases, teeth abscesses, teeth with retention (wisdom teeth) and external oral diseases like sinusitis. 

The most often met reason of toothache is tooth decays. 97% percent of society has tooth decays. This originates from not-satisfactory or bad oral hygiene. The bacteria living in oral cavity together with the sweet and farinaceous food create acid and it causes decays weakening protective cover of the tooth. 

Toothache is generally felt in beating form and extremely troubling way. Gradually the pain gets strong and becomes unbearable. There can be small bleeding in teeth. When there is a toothache it is recommended to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Because toothache is not of transitory character and they need appropriate treatment.

Toothache and treatment
It is not recommended to put an aspirin or any other pain-killer on the aching tooth. Due to chemical structures, such kind of medicines can cause deformations in gingiva and soft tissues around. And it will cause additional pain. The food debris on teeth and interdental spaces must be cleaned with tooth brush and dental floss and half-spoon salt must be added to a glass half filled with water and oral cavity must be rinsed with this water. A pain–killer can be used before going to the doctor.   If due to inflammation, a swelling occurred on the face, a cold compress must be put on it. 

If there occurred a hallow due to decay of the tooth, a cotton dipped into a little clove oil (eugenol) can be put on it. Eugenol will sooth the pain. But it is very important that during this operation eugenol does not percolate to the gingiva. Because it has a character to spoil gingiva. 

Doctor should be visited immediately…!


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