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How to prevent caries? 
Teeth must be cleaned with toothpaste with fluorine
For the interdental spaces you can use dental floss or other cleaning means. Balanced nutrition must be observed and fast food must be limited. 
Consult with your dentist in order to get information on “fluoridation” and “fissure covers” enabling teeth to be more rigid against the caries. 
For professional tooth hygiene and examination of your mouth cavity you must consult with your dentist. 

Which type of product must I choose for my dental care? 
You can be surprised with the number of different products on sale. While making your choice, you must pay attention to buy the products confirmed and advised by your dentist. The answer to the question “which toothpaste and which tooth brush is the best?” can be different according to the condition of the mouth cavity of a person. 

How long can a toothbrush be used? 
Usually a toothbrush can be used for 3 or 4 months. You can understand that the tooth brush is no more usable from the bristles of the brush which are separated from each other, spoilt and bent.  The tooth brushes with stiff bristles can harm your teeth. The tooth brushes of children are spoilt more quickly, as they do not know how to use tooth brush correctly. 

What is the right tooth cleaning technique? 
At first toothbrush is approached to the tooth at an angle of 45 degree and must be brushed with forth and back. The work is finished with the sweeping motion towards the gingiva below.  The inner surface of the teeth, especially anterior parts must be brushed with the toothbrush being held upright, as these sides are narrow. It must not be forgotten that the areas where there are much bacteria and food debris – inner sides of the teeth, posterior teeth and the tongue must be cleaned thoroughly.  Usually decays occur in posterior teeth, as only frontal teeth are brushed.  Dental tartar occurs in the areas which are brushed least of all- in lower anterior parts. 

Can tooth be harmed if appropriate techniques are not used? 
Yes, they can. Although the teeth are covered with a very hard cover called enamel, they can be harmed by a wrong technique carried out by a toothbrush. It also can cause erosions in upper parts of the tooth, as well as in  lower parts of it, covering the root and can be the reason of the recession of the gingiva. In this situation the teeth are inclined to caries. The teeth must not be brushed with a strong force; they must be brushed with soft motions. 

Why gums must be brushed? 
Another thing is to do for healthy teeth is to brush gums. This process must be continued even if one complains that “his or her gums bleed when are brushed”. It is because of the fact that the blood vessels became thick at the result of disorder in the nutrition of the gums.  In medicine it is called hyperaemia. For its treatment it is needed to open the capillaries, i.e. to brush the gums. Thus the blood vessels of the gums get improved and bleeding stops. To brush the gums is the best way to prevent gingival diseases. 

Are there other means except toothbrush for cleaning teeth? 
Yes, there are. They are electric brush, dental floss, toothpick, water-pic, stimulator and others. Electric brush and water-pic are widely used in our country. 
Dental floss : 
Dental floss is an effective means to clean interdental spaces. Its wrong usage can do a great harm to the gums.  Dental floss must be used only after learning right way of its usage. 
A toothpick: 
You can use a toothpick to withdraw meat debris jammed in interdental spaces; but if food debris always gathers in the same place, it indicates that there is not normal contact between the two teeth. Such kind of situations requires use of toothpick. The end edge of the toothpick must be made specially and be sterile. Because of this, toothpick must be bought in drugstores. 

What benefit have the means cleaning interdental spaces? 
They are used for the areas which are inaccessible for a toothbrush to reach and to sweep away the food debris below the gums. If you don’t have this habit, it is not late to begin. 
While using dental floss the followings must be taken into consideration: 
- For the first usage usually waxy flosses are chosen. Besides it, dental flosses with fluoride also can be chosen. 
- Dental floss is used by wrapping it to the forefinger of the both hands and with the help of our thumb. 
- Pass the dental floss through your teeth with slow managed motions. You must avoid rigid  and instant motions which can harm your gums. 
- You can clean interdental spaces with dental floss moved in C –letter form, moving it to back and forth and up and down directions.


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