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Useful information » What is tooth X-ray and for what is it used?

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What is tooth X-ray and for what is it used?
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What is tooth X-ray? 
Tooth X-ray is a photo of those parts of teeth, bone and gingiva which are not seen during medical examination.

Why my child is X-rayed
X-ray is a way to check up the teeth or jaw problems. For example in visual mouth examinations only big decays are found out, whereas X-ray can reveal early decays, the source of abscess, cyst or tumors.

Is tooth X-ray harmful for my child
Radiation level of tooth X-ray made with modern technical ways is minimum. Because of this, it is impossible for a radiation coming out from tooth X-ray to be harmful for a child. On the contrary, it has a great use from point of view of correct diagnosis.

How many types of tooth X-ray are there
There are mainly two types of X-ray: in-mouth and outer-mouth. In in-mouth X-rays the film is placed into the mouth, whereas in outer-mouth X-rays it is placed out of the mouth. Generally, with the help of the films which are placed into the mouth, some teeth and the surrounding tissues are shown, whereas in the films which are placed out of the mouth, much wider area is shown.


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