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We do our best to protect our patients and staff from contagious diseases. In the past teeth treatments in bad and unsterile conditions used to cause a number of contagious diseases. But developing technology, especially wide usage of autoclave and single-use goods solved this problem once and for ever. In our clinic we either sterilize all the material we use in the autoclave, or destroy them after usage.

Modern sterilization technology
In the first stage, all used metal manual materials, bone-drilling burs and channel instruments are placed in an ultrasonic cleaner in order to get rid of possible blood and filling debris. Manual instruments cleaned by ultrasonic waves from all possible debris are put into a special container with disinfecting liquid and kept there for some time. Then the instruments are taken out of the container, wiped and packed with special packing machine. Afterwards they are put into the B class autoclave for sterilization under 135 degree. After this procedure the instruments cleaned from all bacteria and microorganisms including HIV and Hepatitis, are kept in sterile and closed place until they are unpacked beside you.

Single-use instruments
In our clinic all other instruments which can not be placed into autoclave are thrown after single use. They are taken out of a special package and thrown away after your treatment. Plastic cups, the tips of the saliva sucker, syringes, tip cover, instrument plate cover, aprons for patients, gloves, camera and digital X-ray covers, etc. are always of single-use and are thrown away after single-use.

Protective clothes
Mask, glasses, gloves and aprons are the protective clothes we use.


Cleanness of surface
When your treatment is over, the things which are fixed to the site (dentist's chair, X-ray device, reflector arm, device surfaces etc.) are cleaned with a special high-concentration disinfecting spray affecting in some minutes and wiped.


According to Universal Precaution any liquid exuding from organism are sources of potential infection.

Universal Precaution measures cover the following measures : 
·      Washing hands before and after every treatment.
·      To wear a mask, and glasses during the treatment, if necessary.
·      To put on apron if there is too much blood and saliva during the treatment.
·      Sterilization and disinfection after every usage. 
·      Cleaning sterilization of the clinic and all surfaces
·      Eradication of contaminated goods.

Sterilization is of great importance both for us and for you. Please, feel free to consult with us in the issues you are interested at.


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