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During puberty, menstruation, feeding and menopause periods women can face some problems in the level of sex hormones. These hormonal changes really can impact on oral and teeth health indirectly. 

In the period of puberty 
Fluctuations in the level of sex hormones, especially during menstruation can cause reddening and bleeding in gingiva.

In the period of pregnancy 
In the period of pregnancy, changes in the hormones of "progesterone” and "estrogen" increase the risk of gingival diseases. These hormonal changes can cause sensitivity in the mouth and reddening and bleeding in gingiva. Long-lasting gingival disease during pregnancy can cause a preterm delivery. “Pregnancy swelling” occurring in the ginigva during pregnancy can get well spontaneously in the late period of pregnancy or after it. 

Vomiting caused by constant sickness in some pregnant women can increase acidity in oral environment. These acids can cause erosions. Rinsing with the carbonated water can provide neutralizing of acids. If such an appliance is not possible, the mouth can be rinsed only with water in order to clean the mouth from acids.

Control over pregnancy
These medicines can cause symptoms similar to changes in oral cavity occurring during pregnancy. Taking the pills for controlling delivery for a long term can cause inflammation of gingiva. Because of this, the doctor must take it into consideration before the surgical operation

Menopause is an important period in the life of women. During this period the women can have hormonal and physiological changes. Naturally, this influences on mouth tissues and teeth also. During menopause serious changes take place in women hormone “estrogen” and the level of it becomes minimum. 

At the same time “estrogen” is also necessary substance for absorbing calcium. Its defect can cause reduction of calcium level in bone, or in other words can lead to bone melting and “osteoporosis”. Bone melting is melt in all bones of the body. Melting occurring in bone tissues surrounding the tooth can cause loss of supporting tissues of teeth and at the result can lead to loss of teeth. During menopause women need high amount of calcium (1200 mg/day). It is not right to take such dose of calcium via daily diet. Because of it, doctor suggests D vitamin alongside with calcium drugs for increasing absorption of calcium. To restore the calcium balance changed at the result of menopause, hormone treatment also must be applied.

The changes that can take place in the mouth environment during menopause: 
Many changes can be observed in the mouth environment of the women during menopause. A woman can have one or several of the symptoms stated below. 

Dryness in the mouth, “xerostomia”
- Sensitivity in the mouth 
- Feeling pain or burning in the mouth 
- After brushing the teeth the feeling of burning in the mouth, change in taste sensation
- Melting in jaw bone

During menopause there is no special condition to pay attention during tooth treatment. But during installing an implant, it is important for the bone structure to be normal in order to provide implant and bone osteointegration.  


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