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Ceramic or composite are fillings with high esthetic appearance and resistance prepared in inley-onley laboratories. 

If a big area is needed to be filled, it is possible to use ceramic inley-onley fillings instead of composite or amalgam fillings, as the former is more esthetic and resistant. 

In the stage of application inley-onlay fillings are more preferred, as they cause less loss of substances than ceramic covers. Simply decay is cleaned and the measure of the tooth is taken. 

Inlay-onlay fillings which are prepared in the laboratories are adhered to the teeth with special glue (adhesive systems). In the teeth which have big substance loss, channels are firstly treated and if necessary, special simple surgical corrections are made in the gingiva (gingivoplasty) and then onley filling (which is prepared in the laboratory) is put on it. Because of this, risk of tooth or filling is considerably reduced.



Successful application of inley and onlay in the tooth, the channel of which has undergone too much substance loss.


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